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1st International One Health Congress – Australia – February 14-16, 2011 - Starts tomorrow, Monday February14 - Sunday, February 13, 2011

1st International One Health Congress – Australia – February 14-16, 2011


University of Missouri (USA) Vice Chancellor for Research Issues Strong One Health Endorsement - Thursday, February 10, 2011

University of Missouri (USA) Vice Chancellor for Research Issues Strong One Health Endorsement


Robert V. Duncan, PhD, Vice Chancellor for research at the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO (USA) issued the following One Health endorsement to the One Health Initiative website on Tuesday February 8, 2011.  Dr. Duncan is also a professor of Physics at the University.


“The University of Missouri (MU) is fortunate to have a very strong program in One Health, with many of our leading physicians and veterinarians working closely together in the development of new approaches to cancer research, innovative new approaches to orthopedic medicine, and efforts to detect and respond to new disease threats, to name just a few.  Our complement of interdisciplinary centers, such as our Research Reactor, which produces more radioisotopes for medicine than any other reactor in the United States, to forefront research in in-vivo visualization and characterization of microcirculation, to our forefront role in the development of numerous transgenic animal models for medical studies that provide a national resource, MU is dedicated and capitalized to support One Health as a leader in all aspects of this discipline.” 

CEO of “One Health Commission” Announces Establishing Headquarters at Iowa State University (USA) - Tuesday, February 08, 2011

CEO of “One Health Commission” Announces Establishing Headquarters at Iowa State University (USA)


Please see press release at


To see CEO, Dr. Roger Mahr’s announcement letter, please view Publications page attachment.

American Medical Association (AMA) President Posts AMA Website Blog about One Health - Thursday, February 03, 2011

American Medical Association (AMA) President Posts AMA Website Blog about One Health


 Dr. Cecil B. Wilson, AMA President posted the following blog on the American Medical Association website on January 28, 20011:


 Click below to read or see Publications page with attachment.


We are in it together

Posted at 1/28/2011 8:56 AM CST

Physicians and veterinarians—as healers—have a lot in common, whether our patients walk on two legs or four. And our patients share a lot of diseases in common, whether they talk, bark, moo, oink, purr…or whinny.

I was reminded of this when I participated on a panel last week in Orlando with another physician and two veterinarians at the North American Veterinary Conference. We were talking about opportunities for interdisciplinary action in association with the “One Health Initiative,” which the AMA supports. 

This is a movement also supported by the One Health Commission of which the AMA is a member. The commission was formed in 2009 to forge collaborations between physicians, osteopaths, veterinarians, dentists, nurses and other scientific disciplines.

Here’s why it is important for this interaction:

• Sixty percent of the nearly 1,500 infectious diseases now recognized in humans are caused by pathogens that have an animal vector.
• Three of every four newly emerging human infectious diseases originate in animals (zoonotic).
• Many zoonotic diseases pose increasing threats to the human race (Ebola, Lassa fever and the Nipah, Hendra and
Marburg viruses).
• Pollution and environmental contamination affect human and animal health.
• Many drugs and most medical devices are tested and refined in animals before use in humans.
• Humans, animals and the environment also intersect at farms, slaughterhouses and processors.
• Monitoring animal health has led to the discovery that environmental contaminants, such as lead or mercury, can be unhealthy for humans.

We are in it (this world) together, whether man or animal. And sharing information and science through collaboration between the veterinary and medical professions benefits us all.

Editor's note: To comment on this post, send us an e-mail.

Permission to post on the One Health Initiative website granted January 31, 2011 by Cecil B. Wilson, MD, President of the American Medical Association

Idaho (USA) Mayor Cites “One Health” When Appointed to A National League of Cities’ Steering Committee - January 31, 2011 - Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Idaho (USA) Mayor Cites “One Health” When Appointed to A National League of Cities’ Steering Committee




Title:  Mayor Nancy Chaney Appointed to National League of Cities’ Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Steering Committee


January 31, 2011 – Washington, DC – National League of Cities President James Mitchell, Jr., has announced the appointment of Nancy Chaney, Mayor for the City of Moscow, Idaho to the National League of Cities’ (NLC) 2011 Energy, Environment and Natural Resources (EENR) Policy and Advocacy Steering Committee.  This Committee has the lead responsibility for developing NLC federal policy positions in the areas of energy, clean air, solid and hazardous waste, water quality and supply, national wetlands, and endangered species.


Mayor Chaney holds a master’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Idaho. “My involvement with EENR is a natural extension of my involvement with programs and policies that link the environment, the economy, and education, and relationships among human, animal, and ecological health,” she said. Chaney cited the One Health Initiative as an example. “The concept integrates human medicine, veterinary medicine, and environmental science through an international coalition of experts,” she explained.  “We have all of the pieces for that model here, with the Center for Global Animal Health at Washington State University, the WWAMI medical education programs at UI and WSU, Moscow’s Sustainable Environment Commission, and our strong regional focus on environmental sustainability. By bringing those elements together, the Palouse is an important resource to improve health, environmental, and economic circumstances here and around the world.”


As a member of the EENR Steering Committee and Chair of the NLC University Communities Council, Mayor Chaney will play a key role in shaping NLC’s policy positions, while advocating on behalf of America’s cities and towns on Capitol Hill, with the Administration, and at home.


The chair of this year’s Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Committee is Matt Zone, council member, Cleveland, Ohio.  Serving as this year’s vice chairs are Matt Appelbaum, council member, Boulder, Colorado, Christopher Jones, deputy mayor pro tem, San Marcos, Texas, and Michael Sesma, council member, Gaithersburg, Maryland.


For more information on NLC’s other committees and councils, visit


The National League of Cities is the nation’s oldest and largest organization devoted to strengthening and promoting cities as centers of opportunity, leadership, and governance. NLC is a resource and advocate for 19,000 cities, towns, and villages, representing more than 218 million Americans.




Story Contact: Jen Pfiffner, Assistant to the City Supervisor

Phone: 208.883.7123



The City of Moscow delivers quality municipal services while ensuring responsible use of resources. We anticipate and meet the needs of our diverse population in order to build public trust and enhance a sense of community.

City of Moscow


206 E Third Street

Moscow, ID 83843

Contact: Gary J. Riedner, City Supervisor

p     |  208-883-7006

e     |

w    |


Jen Pfiffner

Assistant to the City Supervisor

City of Moscow

PO Box 9203 | 206 E Third Street

Moscow, ID 83843

p  | 208.883.7123

f   | 208.883.7018

w |

“International Society of One Health” Proposed by One Health 2011 Congress Leaders - Saturday, January 29, 2011

Breaking One Health News!     For Immediate Release:



“International Society of One Health” Proposed by One Health 2011 Congress Leaders


Eminent leaders of the 1st International One Health Congress meeting from 14 – 16 February 2011 are proposing establishment of a visionary “International Society of One Health”.  Drs. Martyn Jeggo and David Heymann, a veterinarian and physician respectively, plan to include an all inclusive draft proposal statement* in the satchels of the delegates at the One Health Congress meeting. 


 The all-encompassing nature of the worldwide Society draft proposal notably contains reference to including One Health comparative biomedical clinical research aspects as well as public health (infectious diseases/zoonoses) at subsequent meetings.  Promoting and facilitating expeditious better understanding of disease processes through a comprehensive “One Health” comparative medicine approach involving public health, environmental health, biomedical research and clinical medicine and surgery appears in the offing.  Ostensibly, in addition to the critical and essential public health mission utilizing more efficacious One Health principles, there is expected to be recognition of and engagement with broad-spectrum high profile human and animal health issues such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, orthopaedic problems and others.


 A goal of institutionalizing the One Health Movement to provide a formal setting for funding acquisition in order to establish a host of cardinal activities is included. The International Society would be established initially by an all inclusive interim international Board as stated in the draft proposal.


 Martyn H. Jeggo, BVetMed, PhD is Director, CSIRO Livestock Industries Australian Animal Health Laboratory (Australia) and David L. Heymann, MD is Director, U.K. Health Protection Agency (United Kingdom) and Editor, Control of Communicable Diseases Manual.  Drs. Jeggo and Heymann are both members of the One Health Initiative autonomous pro bono Team’s Honorary Advisory Board  At this time, expected attendance for the 1st International One Health Congress meeting is now known to be over 600.


Anyone reading this News item and unable to attend the meeting are welcome and encouraged to provide feedback by answering the questions listed at the bottom of this proposal and adding any further comment(s).  Please respond to:


Phone: + 61 3 9417 0888
Facsimile: + 61 3 9417 0899
arinex pty limited
91- 97 Islington Street
Collingwood VIC 3066



Please see Publications Page for Original International One Health Society Proposal attachment [Note: We are posting an amended version which no longer indicates that the next meeting of the International Congress on One Health would  take place in Canada. This was a misunderstanding on behalf of the Organizing Committee of this current One Health Congress] :


*From 14 – 16 February 2011, Melbourne Australia will host the Inaugural International One Health Congress. The Congress will bring together experts working in the areas of animal and human disease and will address the need and growing interest to broaden the agenda of One Health and incorporate a truly global perspective by including environmental issues.


The “One Health” concept has gained considerable momentum during the planning of the Congress and a clear need for an ongoing Congress forum has been identified. More than that, the idea of establishing an International Society of One Health has emerged as an idea that has great substance and has already garnered worldwide support.


Working alongside other established initiatives such as the One World Website and linking with International and National bodies promoting the One Health concept, Drs. Martyn Jeggo, Chair of the 2011 Congress Committee and David Heymann, Chair of Scientific Committee propose that an International Society of One Health be established and share the following early initial thoughts for your comment(s):


International Society for One Health


The International Congress in Melbourne will allow for open and global consideration of the interrelated issues of animal and human health and the relationship with the environment.  To continue this momentum the Society would:


·          create the framework to foster projects that can work across all three areas of One Health (Humans, animals and the environment)

·          while initially focusing on public health (infectious diseases) at the first Congress meeting, include One Health comparative biomedical clinical research at subsequent meetings

·          institutionalise the One Health Movement to provide a formal setting for funding and activities

·          promote the exchange of research data, information and knowledge

·          promote knowledge exchange through scientific visits and secondments

·          seek funding and related resources for research activities

·          seek funding for fellowships and scholarships

·          host and manage a Biennial International Congress

·          establish a One Health Scientific Journal

·          provide activity updates through a regular Newsletter

·          implement as appropriate priority activities identified by policy setting Organisations (National Governments, WHO, FAO, OIE).


The International Society would be established initially by an interim Board with the following proposed membership:

·          Two senior members of the Organising Committee of the 1st International One Health Congress

·          A Representative of OIE

·          A Representative of WHO

·          A Representative of FAO

·          A Representative of the UN

·          A Representative of the World Bank

·          A Representative from the major international development agencies

·          A Representative of the US One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Team 

·          A Representative of the US CDC or member of the Stone Mountain working group

·          A Representative from each WHO region

·          A Representative of the Next Host Country

In addition to the interim Board, it is also proposed that there be a Scientific Advisory Committee that would be created before the next Biennial international congress and oversee the Scientific Program.

The Society would be established as a not-for-profit charitable company that is incorporated (within Australia), and have as a key responsibility, the task of mobilising, generating and allocating resources for specific activities as outlined above. Upon the official establishment of the Society, the interim Board would be tasked with preparing drafts of all governance documents for endorsement at the next One Health International Congress.

We invite your comments for discussion during the International Congress in February.


Yours Sincerely,                                                                                  


Martyn Jeggo                                                                             David Heymann                                                               

Director                                                                                       Chairman, Scientific Advisory Committee 

Chairman, Organising Committee                                                                 


          In order to progress ideas and reach consensus on the way forward delegates at the One Health Congress are invited to provide feedback to the proposal above through answering the     

           following questions and adding any further comment they wish:



          Would you support the establishment of International Society for One

1.                   Health?

          Would you see the aims as appropriate at this stage?

          Would you see the activities as described appropriate at this stage?

2.                Would you see the proposed  Board representation and other organisational

3.                    arrangements as appropriate?

4.                Would you see the composition of the Board as appropriate?

5.                What further suggestions would you make if developing this concept:


7.                Additional Comments:

          Optional – Name and Organisation/affiliation

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Invites Nominations for Representative on U.S. One Health Commission - Friday, January 28, 2011

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Invites Nominations for Representative on U.S. One Health Commission


The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is inviting nominations to fill the position of AVMA’s Representative to the One Health Commission, for a term from April 2011-July 2014. 


The mission of the One Health Commission is “the establishment of closer professional interactions, collaborations, and educational and research opportunities across the health sciences professions, together with their related disciplines, to improve the health of people, animals, plans, and our environment.”


The AVMA Representative will assume a leadership role as a member of the One Health Commission Board of Directors, guiding the Commission as it further develops and implements its strategic business plan based on its strategic goals.


The deadline for receipt of nominations for this position is March 7, 2011.  The nomination form and more information about the position are available on the AVMA website at  Nomination forms and resumes may be emailed to, faxed to (847) 925-0944, or mailed to AVMA Office of the Executive Vice President, 1931 N. Meacham Rd, Suite 100, Schaumburg, IL, 60173.


Please feel free to contact AVMA at or (800) 248-2862, ext. 6605 with any questions. 

American Medical Association (AMA) President and Leading Florida Department of Health (USA) Officials Discuss One Health at North American Veterinary Conference – January 17, 2011 - Tuesday, January 25, 2011

American Medical Association (AMA) President and Leading Florida Department of Health (USA) Officials Discuss One Health at North American Veterinary Conference – January 17, 2011


The physician President of the American Medical Association (AMA), Cecil B. Wilson, MD, a strong One Health advocate, and three prominent One Health leaders from the Florida Department of Health (USA) gave insightful and inspiring presentations at the recent North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC) evening One Health panel session in Orlando, Florida on January 17, 2011.  A brief Q & A period after the presentations yielded cogent and useful explanations for various One Health items of interest and queries from the audience.


Dr. Wilson reasserted the AMA’s strong support for the One Health concept before a group of veterinarians at a meeting aimed primarily at private practitioners of veterinary medicine.  Wilson was very positive about the need for interdisciplinary collaborations and communications between physicians and veterinarians.  He pointed out the historic passage of a “One Health” resolution at the AMA’s 2007 meeting in Chicago.  Wilson noted that “the American Medical Association provided a $50,000 contribution to further the establishment of a National One Health Commission [].  Physician Dr. Albert J. Osbahr, III admirably represents AMA as Chair of the One Health Commission Board of Directors.”  

The AMA President had recently reaffirmed AMA’s and his support of One Health with the following August 30, 2010 statement provided to and posted by the One Health Initiative website:


"The AMA strongly supports the One Health Initiative, the collaborative effort of multiple disciplines to attain optimal health for humans, animals, and our environment. More than 60 percent of human infectious diseases and the preponderance of emerging infectious diseases have an animal vector [reservoir].  Better collaboration is needed between human and veterinary medicine to protect the public health. The One Health Initiative is playing an important role in achieving this goal."


The physician director of the Orange County [FL] Health Department and past President of the American Association of Public Health Physicians, Kevin M. Sherin, MD, MPH, actively participated.  Dr. Sherin said, “The One Health Website [] helps all the professions to understand our need for collaboration in training, research and practice. Growing appreciation for the connections of diseases between animals, people and plants can help build healthier, sustainable communities and a healthy planet.”


The two veterinarians were Carina Blackmore, DVM, PhD, Florida’s state public health veterinarian and Lisa A. Conti, DVM, MPH, Director of the Florida department of health’s environmental health division.


Dr. Blackmore said, “Community leaders from different, complementary backgrounds can better solve community problems both on the local and global scale. All environmental and health practitioners have something to contribute and should consider contributing. Issues of importance for sustainable communities range from practice to policy and include making sure people don't release pets in the wild and are able to remain with their pets after natural disasters to food security and climate change.” 


Dr. Conti focused her remarks about how One Health was an integral part of approaching environmental and ecologic health concerns.  She concluded by saying, “Every day, our natural and built environment impact our health.  The built environment includes how we plan our communities.  Decades of living in communities that are not conducive to pedestrian transportation have contributed to obesity in both people and pets.”


One member of the audience, a veterinarian and long time One Health supporter/advocate, observed, “The day’s One Health meeting prior to this evening panel session was good.  The speakers, all veterinarians, discussed various interesting aspects of the concept.  But this four-member panel of two MDs and two DVMs—all obviously dedicated to the principles of One Health—demonstrated its true essence. They melded together in perfect harmony.  Their brief comments were right on and their answers to questions were succinct and knowledgeable.”  From my point of view, he said, “It was a co-equal, respectful display of interdisciplinary communications and collaboration, in the true spirit of One Health … as it should be. The AMA President and these public health folks really do ‘get it’!  We need much more of this.”

                                                      . . .   . . .   . . .   . . .   . . .

 Note: Drs. Kevin M. Sherin, Lisa A. Conti and Carina Blackmore serve on the One Health Initiative autonomous pro bono team’s Honorary Advisory Board

American Nurses Association (USA) Website Links with One Health Initiative Website - Sunday, January 23, 2011

American Nurses Association (USA) Website Links with One Health Initiative Website


Holly Carpenter, BSN, RN, Senior Staff Specialist, Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, American Nurses Association notified the One Health Initiative website that the American Nurses Association (ANA) has posted a reciprocal website link:


The American Nurses Association officially recognized One Health with an endorsement from ANA President Karen A. Daley, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN on December 9, 2010.  This was posted on the News page on Monday, December 13, 2011 (scroll down).


“Nurses recognize all forms of life on Earth are interconnected and interdependent.  The One Health Initiative epitomizes this fundamental concept.  The American Nurses Association is proud to be a supporter of this ground-breaking initiative.  Working together, we will enhance and improve the health of humans, animals and the environment.”

Important One Health Meeting - Los Angeles, California (USA) - Saturday, January 29, 2011 - Thursday, January 20, 2011

Last Notice:  Important One Health Meeting - Los Angeles, California (USA) - Saturday, January 29, 2011


“Zoobiquity” – A Species Spanning Approach to Medicine


"Comparative medicine once occupied a primary position in medical thought and education. Today, although the spectrum of clinical illness in animals and humans overlaps tremendously, veterinary and human clinical medicine operate in largely separate professional silos. Our fields come together episodically around concerns such as food safety, emerging infections and zoonoses. But the connections between human and veterinary health and clinical practice extend far beyond these issues - a reality well known to veterinarians but less well recognized by human physicians. ……"

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